Soil Survey of Condominium Construction Site

Soil Survey of Condominium Construction Site

With the economic growth of Thailand, an increasing number of construction projects of condominiums and apartments are ongoing in Bangkok. In this sense, construction of residential houses and buildings on contaminated land could bring many issues, including environment, health and even the loss of economic value of the property.

For our client, Japanese real estate developer, EnviX Asia provided a regulatory background information and conducted a soil survey of condominium construction site in the city center of Bangkok.

When buying land, people usually do not pay attention to soil contamination while soil contamination risk presents everywhere. In Japan, there have been many lawsuits over the deals of lands and properties between stakeholders, including developers, residents, industries and government authorities and municipalities.

In Thailand, awareness on soil and groundwater contamination risk has been increasing. Experts of EnviX Asia provided technical support for environmental due diligence of our client.

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