Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance is one of the critical elements to develop sustainable business. A growing number of companies implement EHS compliance audit as a part of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System or based on the green policy of the company. Environmental violations lead to various risks, including economic penalties and suspension of operation. Complying local environmental rules and standards and establishing good EHS management system are necessary to make your business sustainable.


Our Services

EnviX Asia, in collaboration with our parent company EnviX Ltd., Japanese Environmental Regulatory Consulting Company,  provides a comprehensive approach to compliance helping companies to identify applicable regulations of country of operation, develop checklist of legal requirement in various languages and implement EHS audit. We propose plans and strategies to meet local and international legal requirements. Implementation of EHS audit enable clients to enhance their EHS management system.


EHS Regulatory Checklist (Thailand and other countries worldwide)

EnviX EHS Regulatory Checklist is a useful tool to support EHS compliance of global companies.
Our Checklist Service has following features:

  • Custom-made checklists depending on the country of operation, business-type, environmental aspects (water, air, soil, noise, vibration, odor, waste management, chemical management, energy conservation, work safety and etc.) or any other requests of clients.
  • Checklists in various languages (Japanese, Thai, English, Chinese, Spanish or other local languages of the country of operation)


Example of Environmental Compliance Checklist – Thailand (in 3 languages; Japanese, English and Thai)


EnviX Environmental Regulatory Database – Thailand

EnviX has developed “EnviX Environmental Regulatory Database” to support Japanese manufacture which has a factory in Thailand. The database has following features:

  • Easy to understand Thai EHS regulations in Japanese
  • Accessible to regulations of original text Thai as well as translated version in English and/or Japanese
  • Checklist of Thai regulatory requirements in Japanese

For more details please visit http://www.envix.co.jp/law/thai/ (in Japanese)


EHS Audit – Thailand

Some global companies conduct environmental audit based on their own corporate standards. EnviX Asia, in collaboration with EnviX Ltd., helps companies to integrate internal corporate standards with  EHS standards and regulations in Thailand.

In EnviX Asia’s EHS auditing service, our team supports your existing audit team as required by ISO to enhance EHS system. We review the client’s existing EHS management system, regular operations and the procedures and records of such system and operations and interviewing person in charge.

Throughout the project, we helps communications between managers from Japan or any other foreign countries and local managers in charge of environment, health and safety by explaining details of Thai EHS regulations in Japanese, English and Thai.