Soil Survey of Gas Station

Soil Survey of Gas Station
Chiang Mai Province, THAILAND

It is a common interest to obtain scientifically valid data concerning actual property conditions to evaluate and allocate business environmental risk in transactional and contractual contexts, including transferring and financing properties, and due diligence relating thereto.

It shall be also noted that the degree of confidence desired by the client influences the scope of the investigation and the evaluation of data. More extensive testing and more iterations of sampling and analysis would be needed if the objectives require detailed conclusions with high confidence. Less testing and fewer iterations of sampling and analysis may be needed if the objectives of the assessment include only general conclusions.

EnviX Asia conducted a Phase II  Environmental Site Assessment at the existing gas station in Chiang Mai province. The scope of the work was discussed and agreed with the client, an international retail company, prior to the implementation of the project to fulfill the request of the client.

One of the concerns associated with the gas station is a contamination with the petroleum products. A portable VOC detector was employed to present a scientific rationale for sampling.

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